Within the Bounds

I would imagine that in the Highest Degrees of Glory, there is a lot of structure.  And within a lot of structure are a lot of rules, requirements, boundaries.  God operates within boundaries, why shouldn’t we?  If this earthly life is a proving ground for the “real thing” then the “real thing” is most likely going to resemble this testing period in some like or manner.  So He gives us rules.  Not arbitrary rules that he tweaks and changes at will, like a game maker who satisfies his need for control by toying with lives and emotions at his pleasure.  Rules that will bring us to Him.  His glory, that will one day be ours.  His greatest glory is our glory.  Do you get that?  It is unlike anything we see here in our lives.  His greatest glory is to see us glorified.  Successful.  Pure.  Like Him. 

So he arranges and teaches and guides and assists in subtle and not-so-subtle ways, all in an effort to BRING US TO HIM.  So if the rules are too strict, or too uncomfortable or too whatever, then there is something amiss IN US.  Not Him. 

He knew we would have desires that were averse to His rules.  He knew we would have to be raked over coals and walked over glass and stretched way beyond our perceived limits in order to be tempered, molded, shaped into creatures that can someday be capable of withstanding the magnitude of His incomprehensible glory. But it is all FOR us.  Not IN SPITE of us. 

The boundaries are loving.  They are His.  They are for OUR GLORY. 

So, what are you going to do with them?