Husband referenced our talk with the Bishop.
It was great.
I felt something I’ve been searching for since who knows when.
The Spirit.
We may be insane by the world’s standards, but God is most definitely there and supporting us.
I feel like life has a point, and that life WITH HUSBAND is utterly fabulous.
He ran with me on my long run today. It was fantastic. Hard, but fantastic. I love the feeling of finishing with him. It gives me a peek into finishing this wretched life- a life that, with him, is so much less wretched.
We discussed the amazing spirit in our home last night when Bishop was here. I wondered why I was unable to feel it these last several months when I was doing all I could think of to get it. Turns out, the spirit was always here. I would be dead and buried if it wasn’t. The feeling we had here was from three very humbled souls, earnestly seeking and inviting it. It really helps that Bishop is one of the simplest, humblest men of God I have had the privilege to know. He doesn’t posture, or puff himself up. In fact, more than once, he thanked us for having him over. Here we were, spilling our ugliest out to him and he was grateful to be here? He said that he learned a lot about marriage and relationships that could help him. Okay.
When I was asking about the strength of the spirit yesterday, Husband said that it could be one reason God promotes marriages so heavily.
The combined effort and strength of two people who are working for the same thing generates more than two times the strength they put in. It is exponential.
When one of us is weak, the other compensates. When we are both weak, I freak out. I start to panic, but God compensates. I just have to adjust myself to feel it.
We ran by a big buff guy walking a dog. I didn’t panic. It was amazing.
The church may be screwy, but God isn’t. God’s truths are wonderful.
He loves me.
Our marriage survives another day.
Hip Hip Hooray!