Not so great into very great…

usually hinges on a paradigm shift which can magically happen by choosing what your Higher Self is urging you to do. Lay down and be angry, or move in the direction of happiness (even if you don’t feel it just yet)?  Happiness may not follow, but at the very least not angry will. 

Same goes for the gospel. You know it’s true, but it just doesn’t seem realistic or do-able. Bitterness and anger breed more of the same. So walk in the direction of the gospel. Do the gospel. Live it. Eventually it will make sense in you. You will be the gospel.

If we aren’t earning heaven, but learning heaven (Brad Wilcox) then we had better get learning. Which can be hard and difficult and very uncomfortable. But each obstacle has been carefully placed in order to teach to our unique needs. Every single one. Including The Gay. And The Husband Who Is Gay. And the propensity toward anxiety and depression, yet the behaviors stemming from them are all flooded in CHOICE! I have the marvelous opportunity to choose to see good and respond with good. 

For real, folks. 


And P.S. I saw Shane this week and literally did not think one bad thing about him. This stuff is totally for real.


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