Mikeal and Mandi on Far Between


This is the second time we interviewed with Kendall for his groundbreaking film Far Between.  The first time, we shied away from talking about our intimate life.  Apparently that is precisely what Kendall wanted footage of because in the three part series (one of which is on the website as of today) the focus is square on the elements of our attraction.

I’m not completely at ease with how we are presented.  I mean, we look pretty good- although I would have preferred to be shot from the other side as my hair is completely flat on that side- but check out the fabulous color job I got from Phillip(!!!)  And we look basically at ease and relaxed.  But I don’t feel like it shows enough breadth and depth of who we are as a couple.  And for the record, even though it may appear that I am pregnant, I unequivocally am not.

I hope that when they post the other parts that it rounds out the conversation a with a bit more of the good Us.  I hope that it draws the focus away from the parts of our relationship that are less than ideal and shines some light on the goodness and unique qualities of what makes Us work.

I guess I am constantly in emotional shift so what was important at that moment is less-so in this moment, and will forever be so.  I am so much more in tune spiritually and committed to living up to my covenants.  My sights are set on eternity more so than ever, so of course I wish that was reflected.  I trust that whatever comes of this project is what the Lord wants to become of it.  I’m not so concerned with saving anyone’s marriage, or convincing anyone that they should or should not marry into our type of circumstances.  Maybe I just want to provide another voice to broaden the scope of the narrative.  To what end, I don’t know.  Maybe really deep inside, I just wanted to see myself on screen.



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