I SO hate that lame photo at the top of this page.  I can’t find another one with enough quality to fill the space.  So I’m stuck with it.  It so doesn’t represent anything in my life.

Today IS better.  MUCH better.  I’m learning to not retreat into the psychosis excuse to run from stressful situations.  Holidays are bad.  I have major performance anxiety and crumble under the tiniest amount of pressure to DO.  I’ve got a big Young Women program coming up and I am REALLY working on taking deep breaths and focusing on my life intention to keep my brain settled and everything in perspective.

I didn’t eat any crackers, cookies, candy, pizza, or root beer yesterday, or for the many weeks prior to that.  But every time one of the kids brings me a butterfinger to unwrap, it takes all I’ve got to not take a huge bite out of it.  Good thing we gave away most of their candy to the late trick or treaters.

big sigh.



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