So as part of my Cymbalta Detox plan, I step down 10% of the dosage every 14 days.  This puts me at every other Saturday night I start the step down, which puts me in a mild tizzy by the following Monday.  Today is Monday.

I was hoping that with today being Halloween I would be able to maintain some sanity, and not dive into the depths of despair because I would be otherwise occupied.

Yes, and no.

I am having massive sugar cravings.  In a house filled with candy.

I am sick to my stomach and only want to eat crackers to calm it.

I want to go to bed but I have stuff that my kids need help with.

Husband is home, but he is feeling crummy so I feel awful asking for help from him.

I’m about to toss everything within reach out the window and light it on fire- just to give myself something to take my mind off of my MIND!

(this is kind of what insanity looks like.  I usually don’t write when I am truly insane.  FYI.)

Tomorrow will be better.  It always is.

Thanks for the temporary diversion.  I’m now going to go back to the kitchen and see if I can salvage my botched attempt at making almond meal so I can bake a loaf of bread so I will have something to eat since I cannot eat the yummy mummy that I made for the family for dinner.  Nor can I eat the cookies that I made for them.  Nor can I drink the tasty bottles of root beer that Husband bought to go with the yummy mummy.  Where are those hot pokers, again?

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  1. I know how you feel. It is tremendously frustrating and painful and seems overwhelming and beyond reach but there is light at the end of the tunnel. It can be done. Also, if you and the fam are staying home for Christmas maybe I can stop by and see ya on my way down to Orlando? ttyl

    • Andrew- I cannot imagine how awful that must have been. I did a quick detox from zoloft several years ago and wound up in the looney bin. (nothing like a looney bin to make you feel completely SANE!) Don’t do that again, okay?
      Thankfully I have the luxury of time and $$ that allows me to take this at a leisurely pace, with supplements and an amazing therapist. I thank God every day for that blessing.

    • Blue- Cannot thank you enough for the Road Back. The Lord has ways of placing people and ideas in your path at just the right time, and you were definitely one of those people.
      Yes- we will be in town over Christmas! We would love to have you and whomever you are traveling with stay over if you would like- we are 80 miles out of Nashville, but then you hop on the highway right in town and it takes you straight to Chattanooga and back on your way . (of course, that would involve an extended amount of time with our extremely energetic children.) Or we can meet in Nashville- whatever your plans will allow. Message me what dates you are looking at so I can keep the calendar clear. Fun!! Can’t wait!

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