Self- identification

A few days ago a friend of mine sent me a “peace box” diagram that had all sorts of feelings and reactions neatly sorted into boxes.  She asked me what my thoughts were on it.  I liked what came from our dialogue and thought I would share.
“It took me a few times of looking at this and trying to really absorb what you were getting at, and I still think I’m missing the mark somehow.  It looks like categorizing your feelings and outlook, but I guess I don’t get what result you are getting to with your introspection, other than identification with what’s going on inside.  Which is good. 
I’m really working on dropping preconceptions of people and losing my idea of how things should be and just letting life and events unfold as they are.  Allowing for things, including myself and all my infirmities, to just be.  Responsibilities must be met, but it doesn’t really make a difference in the grand scheme of things exactly what happens or how- only what kind of character I am forging. Allowing for life to happen leaves tons of room for love to move in, and all her companions.  And when you love; you give, you serve, you grow, and you bring others with you. Not just mimicking Christ, but being your own version of Him. 
I have SO far to go to reach that, but that is where my intention is.
Love you, Sister


“Ok Mandi, Here are my thoughts.  When I first got the peace box analogy, I was so happy and thought that it was a great way to check myself from pride.  But I found that I began labelling me and constantly felt like a failure. Then I got your email, (I am so glad I sent this to you,  I now know why I was impressed to do so,) I remembered what I was taught somewhere in the middle of this journey of overcoming pride, overthinking and depression, that “LOVE TRUMPS TRUTH (or perceived truth) EVERYTIME.”  Remember when I used to blog about politics.  (This is about the time I was taught this.)  I felt I was right and therefore needed to share my opinion.  I was taught that conservative, liberal, none of that matters to Heavenly Father.  What matters to him, is that he despises contention, and anyone stirring up debate and contention is in the wrong.  That was the beginning of this lesson. 
Thanks so much for the reminder.  Love is the most important thing, and boxing ourselves is being unkind to our spirits and contentious with ourselves.
Love you.”

“I am at the point in my life that I have identified myself to death.  It’s time to stop identifying my feelings and DO something about them (or NOT do, as I so choose. . .)  I see how the boxes can help people who are weak at introspection, but I believe you are with me on this that introspection can become the end result and it gets us nowhere but turned further within.  “there is never someone who is so self centered as someone who is depressed or in pain.” Anthony De Mello. 
Get outside for a few minutes today- even if it’s cold. 
Love you


I LOVE that I have friends that I can say “I love you” to.  That means so very much to me.  It isn’t a phrase that I throw around.  I’m pretty stingy with my affections.  But to have wonderful people who evoke those emotions in me in my life is an enormous blessing.

Enjoy your day!


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