Look up the GAPS diet. That’s my life right now. Waiting for my “road back” supplements to arrive so I can begin The Great Cymbalta Detox of 2011-2012. Experiencing “die-off” symptoms from cutting flour and sugar out of my life. Emotional spurts, dizziness, even MORE lethargy (which I thought was near impossible- what is less energetic than a wet dish rag? Me.) Had an unbelievably rotten morning followed by a wonderfully empowering conversation with my Spirit Guide. (I prefer that term to Therapist. It goes better with the general kookiness of my life right now.)
Had a fab weekend with my best girls in Sedona last week, and met some indigenous Elders during an ayurvedic session. Turns out I’m a Vata, which likes heat, so when she rubbed me with herbs and oils, then wrapped me in hot towels and plastic sheets, then left me to sweat, these dudes paid me a visit. They were pretty quiet, but made me feel welcome to their digs. Maybe if I would have joined my ladies at the psychic reading I could have found out more, but I didn’t need any more noise in my head. Thought I would let our words remain unspoken.
Kids are home for two weeks, and I’ll be home with them and a fresh pan of brownies to resist. What’s a girl to do? Raisins and almonds can only take you so far on your trip to nirvana. Energy level had better perk up soon, or these kids will be relying on SpongeBob to take care of them during break. Not that that is ALL bad, he is rather musical. . .

4 thoughts on “GAPS

  1. So you’re gonna do the detox. That’s great! One word of advice, even with the detox it helps to eat really healthy. Sounds like you’re already doing that. I had green drinks with lots of different things in the mix. Anywho, I’m excited for you. Doing it slowly and correctly like this will be a tremendous help so that you can stay off of it. Hope life is treating you well. Would love to hear more about this ayurvedic medicine. Take care

    • The ayurveda stuff was mainly for relaxation, but I wanted more than just a massage. It is pretty cool if you can find a competent practitioner. The head oil was a little too much for me to wear around for the recommended 24 hours, so I washed it to go out that night- but other than that, I was pretty much glowing inside and out afterward. I hear there is a mecca in Asheville, NC which is only a few hours away from here. I might make a pilgrimage for some more treatments.

    • Pretty much a no-go on tag alongs on the girl trips. Believe me when I say this is for your own good. You think I’m a princess? Just meet my friends.

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