Turning a Corner

There really is something to turning the corner and leaving what’s back there, well, back there.

After years of hashing and dissecting and analyzing this marriage, our relationship, past behaviors and motivations, I feel quite confident that there is not a single stone that has been left unturned.  In fact, they’ve become soft and round from so much handling.   So after all that is said and done, and we are still together, and quite happy about it, what is left to do but turn the corner?

We have individually, consciously, walked the paths available to us: divorce, separation, staying together in name only, celibacy, open marriage, and staying the course.  The stipulation was that once the decision was made, and a consensus was formed, the corner would be turned, and the past would remain there.  No more mud slinging, no more mind-numbing debates at all hours of the night.  Just a fresh path.

For the most part, I have been able to stay on the fresh path without turning back.  I have a few pet hang ups that have proven difficult to shake- especially when they surfaced after the corner-turning commenced, but I am determined to keep my eyes looking ahead.  It is stupidly simple, but isn’t forward the direction we are all heading, like it or not?

One thought on “Turning a Corner

  1. …mind numbing debates at all hours of the night. I so relate to that! Forward is the direction to go, but why is it so incredibly hard to do sometimes?

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