how much fag is too much?

in celebration of our FIFTEENTH wedding anniversary the lovely MH & i are heading to atlana in the morning to be dazzled and amazed by none other than the extremely talented Dolly Parton.  dolly is one of my fav’s.  we actually – literally – almost broke off our engagement over the fact that i am a fan.  the story goes . . . driving one starry evening, MH buckled at my side, enjoying a grand old sing-a-long with the radio (one of my other fav’s that is still NOT shared by MH.  she thinks we should discuss important things while riding in the car.  not me!  cars are meant for sing-a-longs – period!) she turned her nose up at a particular tune and asked “how do you know the words to this song?”  well DUH!  it was a dolly song – who doesn’t know all the words?  we pulled into the drive where she exclaimed, rather shrilly i might add, that she didn’t know if she could continue a relationship with someone who was a dolly fan.  ouch!  i assumed – INCORRECTLY – that she was kidding!  she proceeded to climb out, slam the door & huff into the house.  i left stunned and waited a day before calling her again.  it has always been a bit of a joke between us but she has since repented and joined the throngs of dolly lovers.  this morning i asked “so, what was the whole reason behind that evening so long ago?”  her reply was this “it was a consideration of how much fag is TOO much fag?”  i laughed right out loud.  at that point in our budding love, i had already made her endure movies such as “priscilla queen of the desert” the fact that i kept a brush in the glove box of my car in order to primp before presenting myself in public didn’t help my cause. i could shop better than her!  (not really.  that one is just thrown in for effect)  loved – LOVE the color pink.  what was the girl to bring to the relationship?  how much fag could she endure for the rest of ETERNITY?  i mean, HELL, i wouldn’t even make out with her that much.  geesh!  well, to my amazement she finally agreed to join her life with mine & fifteen years of incredible later – we are still together.  thanks for keeping me babe.

we have been asked if we would recommend this life of two queens fighting for the kingdom to any other queens.  i can’t honestly say i would recommend to another to walk this path, marry & replenish the earth.  however, i know i wouldn’t give up my experience.  we have been blessed with amazing kids and a deeper love/bond/relationship than i ever could have imagined.  difficult?  HELL YEA! but equally just as great.

it takes a very very very very very very very very very incredible gal to endure this much fag!  thanks babe – love you!


2 thoughts on “how much fag is too much?

  1. Happy anniversary to two of the greatest people I have the honor of calling my friends. Love you guys.

    And, for my final words…DOLLY ROCKS!

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