tummy tucks & boobs!

mandi announced today that if i were to pass into the great beyond, she would invest her new found wealth – my life insurance policy – in a tummy tuck & a boob lift!  i promptly followed up with – well, you gotta clean up a bit it you wanna nab that rich stake president you’ve been dreaming about!  a counselor we worked with a while back told her that she basically needed to dump me and find herself a rich stake president who would lavish her with A LOT OF SEX!  sex that i won’t/can’t pony up for.  so it’s just become this joke between us.

but see – she isn’t in need of either!  she’s practically perfect in every way.

madame hawtness & the minions

Atlanta temple open house

the minions & i

this really wired thing has been happening.  i’ve been writing A LOT in a journal and all this stuff has been coming to the surface – some painful – some, not so much but just FLOODS of stuff.  it’s like a wound has been lanced that needed a good oooozing and isn’t ready to stop.  i can’t explain this one & i’ve mentioned it previously but this feeling of “yeah! we’re sticking this out & she is my one and only & these kids – well they are OURS & there is just simply NO GIVING UP!”  i know – why is it so shocking to me?  because some where along the way i forgot – i hate forgetting!  i have found myself taking much needed relief sighs!  peace!

HAPPY EASTER – i hope all is well.  i really had something else REALLY SUPER IMPORTANT to share but now that i’m here in bed, i find myself drifting . . . so, if i can remember, i’ll write later.  good night my beauty!


4 thoughts on “tummy tucks & boobs!

  1. The two of you never cease to crack me up. Tell your beautiful wife she is very much like Mary Poppins…PRACTICALLY PERFECT IN EVERY WAY!

    Love you guys!

  2. She is perfect in every way, at least almost! My wife’s only flaw is loving me.

    I too forget. I’ve written two posts on “remembering,” forgetting that I had already written about it.

    O remember, remember… one of the most important admonishments in the Book of Mormon. I promise to remind you if you promise to remind me 🙂

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