Signed, Sealed, Delivered. . .

How’s that for a Valentine’s Day gift?

It’s even notarized!



The song du jour is Magnificent by U2

U2 has been in my blood since The Unforgettable Fire.  I’m not a die-hard, but they were a constant soundtrack in my childhood home.  Along with the Stones of course.  The result is that when I hear them now, I’m riveted.  Especially by their really riveting tracks.  I went with my parents to see U23D in the theater a few years ago and it was probably then that I realized the level of my fan-ship.  Besides, who wouldn’t love to watch this for a few hours?

But I digress.

My parents bought us tix to see U2 at Vanderbilt this summer on July 2.  But now it’s looking like we will have an opportunity to spend the 4th somewhere else, necessitating the sale of my beloved concert tix, and missing the opportunity to see them for the first time since the PopMart tour. UNLESS I take off to the other end of the country a little early (which would necessitate yanking the kids out of school a few days early) to catch the show with one of my bro’s extra tix.

Oh the conundrum!  Oh the over-usage of necessitate!  And Opportunity!  What to do?


I’d like to devote a post to all of the incredibly romantic and creative gifts that Husband has given me over the years.  But it will take some time to gather it all up.  Maybe in time for next V day. . .

I wish you all the very best and loveliest of days!  We will be celebrating with gnocchi and homemade roasted tomato sauce, and a puff pastry/ganache heart.  And the kids.


BTW: I will address the previous post when I have sufficiently gathered my thoughts.  And gather them I will.  Mark my words.



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