hail to the queen

ok – M & i decided to move in together and share this blog space.  it needs some redecorating but we’ll deal with that later.  the most pressing item of business is this – she has ALWAYS been the princess.  now she’s hyperventilating because i’ve been inaugurated QUEEN of all the land.  “what of my dreams of being queen?” she says.  how do you dethrone a queen one might ask – kill the beast!  but then my love, you’ll be awful lonely & sad and left with out anyone to redecorate.  SO – LONG LIVE THE QUEEN – and may the princess have the humility accept her lot.

now that everyone understands the law – i expect tribute to be paid within the month.  MNJ


4 thoughts on “hail to the queen

  1. not seeing the humor here. This cohabitation is on a trial basis, and can be revoked.
    You want to redecorate? the moving dudes have barely left the premises! (and I shouldn’t have been surprised when the whole crew showed up shirtless. what do you expect when you ask your gay husband to hire the moving company?)
    trial basis, dearest duke.
    trial basis.

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