Sending Christmas Cards

We finally got our very last Christmas card in the mail on Friday.

I like Christmas cards.  They are the last holdouts from the dark ages into the digital revolution.  We send out a bunch of cards and get a bunch in return, which we attach to a string that runs down our banister.  Makes a very lovely garland.

Here are my faves this year:

This is the insert that went with the tri-fold glossy brochure style newsletter that we get every year from Banks.  Banks is an ex-boyfriend of my auntie’s.  (Ex-boyfriend for like 30+ years.  For some reason, he’s still hanging around.)  To say he’s an odd duck would be a gross understatement.  This year he and his wife adopted a cat.  Hence the card.   The wife is nuts about cats.  Obviously.  She’s also a graphic designer.


Unfortunately, you can’t see the embossed snowflakes or the light dusting of glitter.  This is from my precious cousin, who is all things domestic and beautiful.  Inside is a precious rhyming poem about each of their doings throughout the year.

It’s actually quite nauseating.  (In a good way, of course.)

We received two movie poster-type cards this year.  No wonder that both of these guys do graphic design work as well.













And finally, this one:

We found this sweet mongrel eating out of a Haagen Dazs sorbet cup outside a paint store turned gay bar on the outskirts of East Wyoming. We just couldn’t turn him away.  He has a certain quality about him that makes you want to scratch him behind the ears and dress him up in Burberry.  Don’t you think?

Happiest of new years to y’all!


One thought on “Sending Christmas Cards

  1. BAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAA! I really adore your version of the story. But one question: what were you doing in a paint store turned gay bar on the outskirts of East Wyoming??? Just seems like an odd place to hang, you know?

    Actually, I quite like the cat one. It has a certain unsurpassable… flavor to it.

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