Another year. Probably the fastest year in memory.  Mind-bogglingly fast.  The irony is that I really slowed down this year.  hm.

Just got back from Husband’s second spin class of the day.  Kids are playing in their disaster-ridden play room, Husband is in the shower, I’m snacking on wheat thins (organic) and relishing my jelly-legs and sweaty shirt.  We are going to celebrate the new year doing what we do best- shopping!  Off to the big town for a day of malls, toy stores, and dinner- all to be finished off with some pot banging, pop-em’s, and an early bedtime.

We really know how to live!

For those of you whose lives are a little bit more- well- vibrant, Please be careful tonight.  Please remember that you are a perfectly created Child of God, who loves you dearly.  Don’t drink too much that you won’t remember your own name, and by all means,


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