When is the damage too great?

When is the relationship beyond repair?

When is hope lost?

What happens when your answers to these questions differ by a mile?

And on Christmas Eve.

I’m sure it could be worse.


6 thoughts on “Really?

  1. On Christmas Eve, love is coming your way with prayers for peace and answers. Sometimes the answers don’t come as fast as we want but they eventually do. Love to you and your family….

  2. It will get better. Christmas is tough with all this going on, I’ve been there. We are spending our first Christmas apart, and it is different, but it will be over soon and next year will be better.

    Only you will know the answers to what you ask, when you are ready to answer them honestly.

    It is difficult, but you will get through it. And the kids will be allright, and so will you, and so will M.

  3. May you and all your loved ones be blessed with peace, patience and pain-relief. Just as I used to imagine Santa magically changing the world in just a few minutes as wonderful gifts appeared in thousands of homes, now I take solace in just being able to take a deep breath and visualize that within seconds every cell of my body is feeling more alive, the way I feel when I step outside on a clear winter morning and take in a deep, two lungs full of fresh cold air. May you also find the sublime in the seemingly simple things you will do in the hours ahead. Merry Christmas!

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