I saw three ships come sailing

I really wish I knew the words to this song, and had a place to sing it other than at my kids while we play “christmas carol dance freeze” on my bed.  Once in a while I can be fun like that.  Other times though. . .

It just doesn’t feel like Christmas until I’ve been in a choir of sorts.  I say “of sorts” because we have a very small ward, with an even smaller interest in singing, so my chorale experience these past five Christmases has been limited.  I don’t sing well, but I sing on key, and can alternate between soprano/alto/tenor depending on the need.  The men tend to get huffy when I volunteer to sing with them, so I don’t volunteer often.

The last choir experience was two years ago when the two wards in our town combined to have an “evening of music” for Christmas.  We got a local methodist bell choir to come perform, as well as a bluegrass band.  There was a “Hall of Nativity” where people brought their Nativity scenes to display.  I always offered up my fisher price nativity because I’m too stingy to risk my porcelain set getting broken.

So, they asked me to decorate the chapel.  When they told me what a marvelous job sister Henrie did the previous year, and described her use of faux garland and tinsel, I knew my particular style would be a hard sell on this crowd.  And it was.  I was not asked again.  Apparently they don’t care for the use of fresh greens and berries.  What was I supposed to do with no budget?  I had to use stuff that was either free, or that I would use in my own home.  No fake poinsettias will be attached to my name. . .  I thought it was quite nice, regardless of not being asked to do it again.

They also heard that I play(ed) the violin and asked if I would do a descant for one song.  I swore up and down to them that I no longer play, and that it would be terrible.  They thought I was being modest.  Until I showed up with my violin and showed them.  The looks of shock and horror confirmed to me that they received my message and would not doubt me further.

And then I was asked to sing in a duet and in a trio.  Apparently as badly as I sing, I don’t sing as badly as 95% of the group, and they needed an alto that could carry the songs.  Sure I can carry them, but not well, and when I had to sing a solo, the same looks of shock and horror were present.  But this time in the audience members.  I haven’t been asked again.

And so, since there is no Messiah Sing-in, and the Christmas Musical Spectacular has been discontinued, I have to rely on singing in the car, singing to my kids, and singing in church.

It just doesn’t feel like Christmas.

And also- We, as in Husband and I, are back on the wagon, holding hands and singing songs with bits of hay clinched in our teeth.  The light has returned.

3 thoughts on “I saw three ships come sailing

  1. That’s funny. In one of my ward choirs, there was a girl who would often volunteer to sing with the tenors and it drove me crazy. We tenors are a proud bunch.

    Also, I like you and Husband back on the wagon. Even with hay in your teeth.

    Also, I would prefer to go to a Christmas festival decorated by you.

    Also, my breakfasts are about to become much holier. Thank you. 🙂

    • Glad you liked your gift, but after we got a nice package from an actual store from a very nice hombre, I’m feeling rather lame. Merry Christmas anyway. 🙂

      • Whatever, you guys gave me Man Skills. Plus, I heard about Emma Lou’s autobiography and immediately thought of you guys. Somebody wants you to have it. 🙂

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