wiccans & fag hags

hijacking MH’s blog to share my wealth of knowledge from this past week of travels

start where you are – coffee cup slogan

celibacy don’t have to bite – well unless you want it to

our fears are only what we tell them to be – norah & her young bones

black velvet skies studded with sparklies – cow’s mooing & geese honking cheering me forward on an early morning dash through the bullrushes – oh i am NOT a southern belle & need to move back to a place where annie oakley reigns supreme

“Por Que No” in spanish translates to best damn mexican food ever, especially when cooked by a pot smoke’n wiccan

missionary reunions/confessions can be lots of fun

it’s good to have loved ones & they are even MORE beloved because they help you tow the line and inspire you to become better than you are

sad for missing out on denver & my fav son named A.J.

of utmost importance – that i absolutely adore my fag hag – love you babe, MNJ


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