I’m fine


Ran another half on Sat with Husband- this time he beat me.  We were planning to run a few miles after the race to get our long run in- since we are registered to run a marathon in Nov.  At about mile 10, he said, “maybe we shouldn’t run the marathon.”

Yeah, we aren’t ready.  And even though I’ve been drumming up encouragement from all corners of the earth, and running with shin splints for a month and falling further behind my training schedule every week, I really needed to hear him say those words.  I didn’t want to admit defeat, but I’m going to admit defeat.  I.  Can’t.  Do.  It.

It’s hard to let go of.  I use things like races, vacations, holidays, etc. . . as the proverbial carrot.  This marathon is one of two goals on my lifetime list.  So, it gets postponed.  No biggy.

Now I have some time to rest my poor aching legs.  We will still run that weekend, but run the half instead of the full.  It will give us an excuse to go away for a night again.  I’ll take it.


On another note, Lucky Jake made a very intuitive comment to the effect of “clean laundry needs to be aired too. . .”  If I’m not comfortable airing the dirty stuff anymore, I can certainly air the clean.  So I can start talking about all of the great stuff in our life.

Like the fact that Husband worked from home last week, and it was marvelous!  My favorite morning was Friday.  He had been working on creating a space for a project and asked for some input.  I hesitate to offer input as a rule, because I really don’t have any idea what I’m talking about.  I’ve got an “uneducated” eye.  But he asked, so I sat down and we created something that is going to be pretty incredible.  In worrying about our diminishing connection, I neglected to remember that creativity is a bond.  Right there is something that I have to offer him.


I didn’t find the white rabbit, but it turns out that you don’t really need one.  I have everything I need right here.


3 thoughts on “I’m fine

  1. Indeed you are fine! Mighty fine. A marathon is still on my bucket list as well. Last time I was in training, I blew out my knee after 8 miles. I may be a grandpa but the time I get it done, but I’m gonna do it!

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