Knight in (White, German) Shining Armour

I’ve been experiencing a few hiccups in the course of my marathon training.  I ran the 14 miles with few issues, so I anticipated the 16 miler to be just a tad bit harder.  Nothing that couldn’t be overcome with some good old fashioned mental stamina.  I was sorely mistaken.  Somehow in the course of adding Green Smoothies to my diet, I have developed something unidentifiable (by the lay person anyway) that prohibits me from going over 7 miles.

On my first attempt, I somehow found myself, after vomiting, staggering up the street to finally land outside a restaurant.  Faint, nauseous, sweating, I sat with my head on my knees without my cell phone and a clue as to how I would get back to my car and pick up #2 son from preschool.  One girl who walked by asked if I needed any help, but wasn’t in a position to do much more than call an ambulance.

After what seemed like hours, (but was more like 30 minutes) I heard a car pull up and a man offer assistance.  At first glance, I ascertained that the vehicle was a very beautiful, shiny, clean, new, white mercedes.  I quickly shook off my first inclination to decline when I remembered that I was, in fact, in one of the top five situations in my life in which which I did indeed require assistance.  I asked him if he wouldn’t mind terribly driving me about half a mile up the street to the place my car was parked.  He quickly moved the stuff off his front seat and reached over and opened the door.

I won’t go into detail about the car, because after all, it’s a car and shouldn’t matter- but suffice it to say- I wanted to curl up in that leather and sleep for weeks.

After that everything worked out as expected and life proceeded as usual.

A few days later, I got a phone call from Pops.  His first statement went something like this: “Man, that guy was taking a pretty big risk picking up a strange smelly lady off the side of the road.”

Uh, yeah, I guess he was.

The second thing he said was: “What kind of Mercedes was it?”

I shouldn’t be surprised.  This IS my Dad after all.  And I couldn’t offhand guess which exact model it was, but after a little bit of research I found the answer to his question.

Dad, he was driving a 2009 Mercedes cls four door.  It looked exactly like this:


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