So, maybe it’s a sign that I’ve been reading his blog WAY too faithfully.


Maybe I should stop sending him all of those pointless inane text messages.

Whichever it is, am I the only one who is beginning to see a resemblance?  I mean, look at the hair.  Sure, he’s got WAY more of it than I do, and his color is far and above mine, but I’m thinking we would OWN a Mother and Son beauty contest.

Dontcha think?

(By the way, that is the eternally fabulous Sir Avery of the Jaymes of Seven Steps and a Hop fame.)


4 thoughts on “Enough?

  1. MOM!!

    1. That was supposed to be a “between you and I” pic. I remind myself of a camel or a llama. 🙂
    2. I ADORE the texts. More than you can possibly know.
    3. We should trade: I like your hair better.

    Here’s to owning that contest,

    p.s. I love you.
    p.p.s. Give MNJ and the three banditos a “hey” for me.

    • You look like a model in Italian Vogue.
      (and that wasn’t a mercy compliment)
      (and it’s my blog so you can’t delete it)

  2. Two of my favorite people in this world. Is it any wonder why the two of you look alike?

    Each of you is fabulous and fantastic in your own right!

    Love ya guys!

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