The Inner Circle

“These members simply do what they have covenanted to do, and when the Lord has proved them through an extended period of time, they are admitted into a new relationship with him. . .

. . .The intent of their heart becomes fixed, even in the midst of their continuing imperfection.  These are ordinary people who become less ordinary as they exercise themselves to take the Lord seriously. . .

. . .They understand that by taking the Lord seriously, He will deepen His testing of them for their blessing. As these ordeals come upon them, they continue to serve the true and living God.  They may even give thanks. . .

. . . These members see more deeply into the temple as they practice obedience, sacrifice, and deepening consecration.  They seek to partake of the power of godliness (see Doctrine and Covenants 84:19-22) available in those ordinances.  Their experience differs in height and depth and richness from the people stalled in the first circle [those who have not quite made the commitment] even thought they may rub shoulders in the same chapel.  Of course they are aware of the problems and contradictions in the Church; nevertheless, they keep their grip on the rod.  They realize that it may be in the Church itself that they will encounter some of their most disconcerting trials. But they are in the Church to serve the Lord “at all hazards”. . .

M. Catherine Thomas.  Light in the Wilderness

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