Clean Sheets

I’m on the depressed side of things today.  No reason in particular.  I just woke up with that heavy chest and dark fog surrounding my vision.  I sort of wake up like that every day but usually it subsides after my green smoothie and some sunlight.  Today it isn’t going away.   This makes me want to blog.  See?  Aren’t you lucky?

In an effort to steer away from sinking further into my brain-induced exile, I put a few chores on my list and made “blogging” the carrot at the end of the stick.  So I did dishes, folded laundry, vacuumed the front hall rug- which led to more vacuuming, and then some dusting/de-boogifying windows, changing sheets and showering/getting dressed for the day.

Part of my heavy chest was from Fridays Syndrome.  I instinctively know that it is Sheet Changing Day.  It used to be Clean The Whole House Day until Husband hired me a cleaning lady when I went *over the edge* last winter.  Now I have someone come and clean my toilets and mop my floors every other week, which leaves me with the rest, and bi-weekly touchups.  But the one thing that hasn’t changed is Sheet Changing Day.  It isn’t that horrifying.  In fact, I love clean sheets.  It is just the air of pending work that gets me all flummoxed.

Why does this matter?  You may ask.  And you should- because I really don’t know.  Other than the fact that in order to overcome my overwhelmed feeling, I had to overcome the thing that was overwhelming me- the most.  I still feel overwhelmed because there is a LOT more to do in the house- there always is, plus every other undone thing in the world that I feel is my responsibility to complete. (I still have a phone call to make to beg a candy store to supply runners with Sport Beans at our upcoming half marathon.  I don’t care for asking people for stuff.  I have been putting this call off for two weeks.  Insanely stupid, I know.  Just make the call and get it over with!)

I put the orange sheets with the sky blue pillowcases on the boy’s bunkbed today.  I love seeing their bed all made.  I love that I’ve got these two rambunctious boys who -frankly- adore their Mom.  Two weeks ago while attempting to contact the afforementioned candy store owner, the boys and I were playing with the toys at the shop, and #2 son approached me holding this:

And with his best puppy dog face asked me if he could buy it.  It is called Cozymonster.  Which is exactly what #2 son is.  He is a big ball of love and yum, coupled with the dirtiest, smelliest, rowdiest monster imaginable.  Of course I bought it!  (In a pitiful attempt to teach my kids about money, I have instituted a chore chart system where they earn money for stuff they want.  #1 son was saving up for a Thomas train crane, but was easily enticed away by a cheaper and readily available Thomas “ment” mixer and engine, which he “paid” for with his chore chart.  #2 son had done like four chores on his chart, but I bought Cozy for him anyway.  So much for teaching moments.)  Cozymonster complements the orange and blue perfectly.  Yet another reason to love Sheet Changing Day.

Clean Sheets

I just put away the bedding from my parent’s visit this past week.  It was a difficult visit.  Mom was great, Husband was great with Mom, the kids were thrilled to have their grandparents here and all should have been well, but I was unsettled.  Dad felt dark.  Dunno why, he doesn’t open up.  When he came in I complimented him on his new Burberry glasses.  “How did you know they were Burberry,” he asked.  “Dad.  It’s me.  Of course I know they are Burberry.”

Dad isn’t the most Manly Man, but he isn’t a Flamer, either.  I have often wondered about his sexuality, but when he had an affair 20 years ago, it was with a woman.  (albeit a very masculine woman. . .)  He has made a couple of comments in the past several months that have confirmed to me that he most certainly IS gay.  The comments have been swept under the course of conversation, and I have had no desire to urge on what would be a very uncomfortable conversation by bringing it up again.  So what.  He’s gay.  Not a big surprise.  I sort of want to open it up so he has a space to let it all out and be free with it, but really, he’s a flight attendant.  He lives in Gayzikstan.  Whatever it would be that I could offer him would most likely make him very uncomfortable.  He doesn’t like to talk about “feeeeeelings.”

So I changed their sheets and washed them and put them away until they come again.

I like clean sheets.

Last night, when Husband went to put #1 son’s shorts in the laundry hamper, he found one of the pockets full of gravel.  I love that.

I met with Baby Girl’s teachers yesterday about her ADD and how it is affecting her schoolwork.  We established that she has ADD and that it is affecting her schoolwork.

I have shin splints.  Last year at this time I had achilles tendonitis.  Maybe I shouldn’t train for big races.

I decided that I would go on a “no new clothes” cleanse.  It started out as a one year cleanse, but has been shortened to a six month cleanse.  My summer wardrobe is barely going to make it to fall- no way I could squeeze another season out of it.  Running gear is not included in the experiment. So much for those slouchy boy jeans and driving mocs I had hoped for. . .

Today’s green smoothie contained: rainbow chard, spinach, tomato, dried white peaches, craisins, an apple (whole- core and all) and some lemon.

I sent a friend of mine a copy of my genital herpes post.  She teaches an abstinence class at the local high school.  I get a hit on that blog post almost every day from google searches, and I hoped that my tiny little snippet of an experience could make a tiny little snippet of a difference to someone in my town.  Unfortunately it hasn’t kept anyone’s pants on, to my knowledge, mostly just been informative to those who have taken them off one too many times.  KEEP YOUR PANTS ON!

Okay, I think that’s good.  Carry on!

PS- I love Husband.

2 thoughts on “Clean Sheets

  1. Girl, I am with you on the heavy feelings this week. I have had many of them myself. Hang in there. You have so many people that love you for exactly who you are! You are beautiful, witty, funny, and unconditionally loving to all. You continually amaze and inspire me in ways you may never know. Love ya!

    Also, love the Ugly Dolls! They are so very ugly, but still cute. I especially love the Cozymonster. #2 made a good choice!

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