Comments and Teeth

FYI: comments have not been disabled, they are just sneaky.  To access comments, you need to click on the little flourish above the post.  I’ll probably just go back to the other layout, but this one has so much more potential. . .


On another note, I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!

Husband, as you may have read, broke his tooth on a pita chip last weekend.  It is a molar, and it will need to be capped.  He has decided that he would rather save the $727 and just yank the tooth out.  I say NO FREAKING WAY!

If you agree with me, please help me to convince him that this is a REALLY BAD IDEA.  If you agree with him, just keep your opinions to yourself.


5 thoughts on “Comments and Teeth

  1. Dear MNJ-

    I think you should have your tooth wear a hat. And not get it pulled. Because pulling teeth hurts. And teeth help you chew food. And it will hurt when you chew food after you get your tooth pulled. I think you should have one of your front teeth pulled instead. Because then you’d have a really cool Halloween costume already started. Especially since you live in Tennessee. Well, if you did get it pulled, you could save stuff in the gap from dinner. Like chewed celery hairs. And then you could pull the celery hairs out and chew them instead of bubble gum. Kind of like cows do. It could be useful for long plane rides and stuff. But maybe if you did pull your tooth, all of your other teeth would go crooked and you could still have a really cool Halloween costume started. Maybe if you pulled both teeth you could have a double cool Halloween costume for Halloween this year. And then if you didn’t brush them for a really long time, you’d have an even better costume for next year!

    Hope your tooth gets better really fast,

  2. If it’s the rear-most molar, such that losing it would not result in a gap, then I might understand getting it pulled (though that would still mean a reduction in chewing surface, and possibly an altered [misaligned] chewing style that could lead to other problems in the future).

    But if it’s non the rear-most molar, you absolutely don’t want to have it removed. Unless you’re willing to wear braces to pull the teeth behind it forward to close the gap. Which will almost certainly cost more than $727, and which will require monthly visits to the orthodontist for a year or two.

    But you don’t want a gap in your teeth! Even if it’s tucked back where it’s not an aesthetic problem (i.e. nobody can see it), you’re still going to get food stuck in there, which will rot and give you stinky breath unless you’re very meticulous about keeping things clean.

    I had permanent teeth pulled when I was young. It was early enough that my wisdom teeth hadn’t come in yet, and four years of braces moved everything forward enough to close the gaps and make room for said wisdom teeth (which I still have). So I speak from some experience when I describe the nastiness that is a gap in your teeth. You don’t want that.

    Pony up the $727 and get the tooth crowned. You’ll be glad you did it.

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