Mr. Fat-
I am of two minds about this: My Will says, “Yes! Yes! Do it!”  But my Gut says a simple, “no.”
My Will has gotten me into plenty of trouble in the past, but my Gut has never steered me wrong.
It pains me to no end to tell you this, but I will have to pass on the interview.
Thank you so very much for the opportunity.  I am pleased that you found something worthwhile in my writing.
Mandi Jensen
PS- I did listen to several of your podcasts and found them delightful and enlightening.  Best of luck to you and Ms. Dany in the future.

And the response from Mr. Fat:

Well, that is probably the nicest turn down I’ve ever had, so I won’t complain. i will continue to follow your blog, and hopefully we can do some sort of project together as your story (and the humanity of your writing,) fascinates me. If you ever want to do something audio-related let me know, as you’re in the area.



One thought on “Response

  1. I’m kind of sad, but only because I’d love to hear the conversation that could have unfolded between you and two people who are pretty foreign to your situation. You know what’s best though. Maybe I’ll start a podcast and ask if you’ll come be my guest. Either way, you’re always welcome to be my guest.

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