This is a post I put on my other blog- but thought I would share here, as many of you have become good friends, not just “fellow strugglers.”

On a side note, there is a slight common thread of “distant” or “strained relationship with” Fathers in the gay community- which most likely isn’t the cause of “the gay” but may be a result of it perhaps?  Either way, I wanted to share my relationship with my Dad.  It is by no means idyllic, nor is it full of gushing affection, but I can boldly state that my Pop is the very best Dad he can be, and the very best for me.  He wasn’t home a lot, he wasn’t very adept at parenting, but he did his very best, and he is just an all-around cool guy.

*Someday* I have plans to start a blog with scans of all of the postcards he has sent to me since becoming a flight attendant 15 years ago.  I get about 5-6 per month, so there is quite the treasure trove of them.  He sends them to anyone he is fond of, or any time he sees something that reminds him of someone- they will get a postcard in the mail.   If you ever have the distinct pleasure of meeting Pops, you will also have the distinct chance of being the recipient of a postcard, or maybe some socks, from him.

(By the way- tomorrow marks the 1-year anniversary of this blog!  What an amazing difference a year makes.  I’m pretty sure I don’t even dare to go back and read those first few posts.)

*Edit*  On second thought, I think I ought to leave the family pics to my private blog.  Who knows?  Some of you big-bangs crazed lunatics may stalk me to beat my highly evolved beauty techniques out of me.  I just can’t risk having to give up my secrets.


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