I have fallen into a nasty habit of turning to facebook, email, and blogs when I am having a weak moment. This happens with more frequency than I would care to admit. With my renewed sense of spirit I have found myself open to turning to the Word more often than ever before.

While listening to a new Sheri Dew talk that I got for my birthday from my Mom, I was struck by something she said. In essence, “What voices are you listening to who are telling you who you are?” What are the voices that fill my day? NPR? Blogs? How am I going to find my true nature by listening to the voices that proclaim the very nature I am trying to discard?

So, this morning, after draining my FB email and blog habit, and feeling very empty, I turned to the LDS website, and scrolled down to the Mormon Messages section. I clicked on this link, which is a clip from Elder Holland’s extremely moving and emotional talk from the Oct. ’09 General Conference.


Now I am full.

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