OB Woes

I need to get my IUD taken out because it is causing me issues.  The only reason I haven’t made the appointment is because I know that my OB will ask me what I will be using for birth control, and I don’t want to have to explain to her that “I don’t have sex with my husband so I don’t need birth control.”  (I’m also holding out hope that this celibate condition is only a phase and someday soon Mikeal will find comfort in the warmth of my “flower.”)

It shouldn’t be a big deal.  OB and her husband are friends with Mikeal and I though.  I wouldn’t necessarily have to tell her WHY we don’t have sex, but knowing my dearest spouse, it wouldn’t take much to deduce that his sexuality is in question.  Still shouldn’t be a big deal.  But it is, partially because I create the big deal in my mind.  I don’t like awkward situations, and Ms. Meghan staring at my crotch while I tell her about my abnormal marital situation would most likely rank pretty high on the awkward scale.  (and getting a new doc is OUT of the question.  She is precious to me.)

So there we go.  I choose to suffer discomfort during the majority of my cycle rather than suffer discomfort for a few moments during a visit, and every subsequent visit, and when we see each other around town.  But then if she and her husband knew Mikeal was gay, maybe they would stop inviting us out- which is another awkward situation.  I mean, who really wants to eat with a person who has seen such a side of them?  Giving birth is not just a tiny bit gross on the bodily function chart.


9 thoughts on “OB Woes

  1. Go to another o.b. and have it taken out or go to planned parenthood and have it done you don’t have to tell her you’ve had it removed unless she asks. Also a white lie that would protect your husband’s privacy isn’t a bad thing.

    • Cal,
      I’m beginning to see a pattern here. The only other time (that I can recollect) you have commented on my blog was in regards to the “genital herpes” post.

  2. Wow. The cruelty of Mormonism never ceases to amaze. Sexless platonic marriage, a woman shattered and humiliated, and all to make some Church happy.

    Honey, you made your own bed. Time to get out of that bed.

  3. Dearest Keep Sweet,
    You have no idea what you are speaking of. You do not know my heart, you do not know my soul, you do not know anything about either my husband or myself. You must have experienced some pain in your own heart in regards to something that I am speaking of that touched a very raw nerve. I am sorry that you have gone through that pain, and I hope for your sake (and anyone else that may strike a similar nerve) that you learn from it and heal. My marriage is so much more than sex, or lack thereof. If it was so horrible, I would get out. There isn’t a church in heaven or on the earth that could force me to do something that goes against my core being.
    And that is the bed that I choose to lie in every single night.

  4. Now twice on the same blog. I was impressed with your response to SWEET. I can’t say how many times I have wanted to say the same thing. I shan’t compliment you again. You are just going to have to dig deep from within.

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