Living Water

Here’s where I lose most of my readership- so, before you turn tail and run, I’d like to say thank  you for stopping by, thank you for your influence, and please know that I love you and God loves you.  Really.

So- I’ve been wrong. About a lot of things.

There is a God, and He loves me.  And He loves you.

But He requires stuff from us.  Like humility, and sacrifice, and perseverance, and obedience.

Yes, He will love us just the same if we don’t give Him those things, He just won’t bless us in the same ways.  And let me tell you, the blessings are what it’s all about.  Until you hold your breath and genuinely take the leap into His way, you cannot imagine it.  I can’t even tell you about it.  You have to experience it for yourself.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true.  It is true as it is contained within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The Church is not perfect, but the Gospel is.  The ordinances held within the Church are the ordinances necessary to gain eternal salvation.

Life is really hard.  God asks really hard stuff of us.  Much of which seems impossible.  But it’s not.  Not with His help.  And He will help.  We just have to let go of the world and hang on to Him.

The World- there’s the sticking point.  We have a spirit within us.  We have a natural person within us.  Both want all of us.  Only one will save us.  The more we listen to the natural person, the quieter the spirit will become, until we are completely clear and “at peace” within ourselves.  The more we listen to the spirit within, the louder and more upset and angry our natural person will become until we finally die and the natural person stays here on earth.  (of course, the more we listen to that spirit person, the more THE Spirit will be with us and protect us from that natural person.)  Ultimately we all will die.  Who would you rather be with at that point?  The natural body in the ground, or the spirit body in the after life?

I have always known this, but my natural person has tweaked the teachings just the tiniest bit so all I heard was the droning of the “have-to’s” and “shoulds.”  The truth is not like that.  At all.  When truth was introduced to me in the sphere where I could safely hear it, it all made sense, the paradigm shifted back to where it belongs, and I am at peace.  I see a future full of obstacles and adversity, but also the literal hand of my Savior, guiding me through it.  I hope that this paradigm shift remains steadfast in its new home.  The adversary is working overtime to knock me back off my course.

Blah blah blah, you may be saying.  That’s what I used to say.  I hope and pray for you to find your truth as I have found mine.  It had to become a matter of life and death for me to see it.  I hope it doesn’t take that much for you.

Much love-

9 thoughts on “Living Water

  1. Mandi,
    Thank you for sharing your faith with us. I need it. Sometimes it is hard to stay focused, and I appreciate your willingness to bear your witness of truth.

  2. If honestly and openly sharing your faith is going to scare some people away, you don’t want them in your life, anyway. Thank you for your courage in sharing these beautiful thoughts. I admire your honesty and integrity.

    • Thanks CJ. I’m a little bit messed up in the fact that I sometimes DO welcome those who are not helpful into my life. I take whatever I can get. I’m learning to get over that though.

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