Love Fest

You know?  Its moments like this that I realize that no matter how hard it may get between us, I could never, ever separate Husband from our kids.  (besides, he claims that if I left, the kids would stay with him.  whatever.)


3 thoughts on “Love Fest

  1. Oh, how I wish I could talk to you and tell you…..I fear for you and your family, and the future. Right now I am waiting for my gay husband to come home after a night of hanging out with his friends. He is losing my son, little by little, as he acts out his “gay adolescence”. You are lucky though that your dh is so attentive to the kids. I don’t have that anymore. He was a great father when my son was younger, but now…..I wish this would all work out for you, but I have been where you are now, though in some ways your situation is more deeply rooted than mine. I didn’t know. I am envious that you did. I wish I had sooner. Now I just wait for the time when my gay man has found another gay man to be with, and moves out for good. The only reasons he is still here is money and my son. Ok, so I’m sorry I’m dumping on your blog right now. I’m up too late!! Lucky you don’t live in Happy Valley too!! I really hope you make it, but I have my doubts. At least you are hawt and healthy!! Your family is adorable, that is very true…..I can see why you love him!

    • Dearest Kink,
      I’m so sorry you’re hurting. There’s nothing I can say to convince you otherwise, but we are different. Not saying that Husband and I may or may not part ways sometime down the road, but your life and your choices- while similar to mine- are yours alone.
      Thanks for the “hawt” compliment. I’ll choose to dwell on that.

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