No Wonder

It’s no wonder why there seem to be so many more gay men than women.

You all are so fascinated with your penises, its got to be like Christmas every day to be able to play with someone else’s as well.


6 thoughts on “No Wonder

  1. umm… i wish i wasn’t attracted to penises actually. And being gay involves so much more than penises. It’s the whole emotional thing too. I really don’t like it when people think it’s all about the sex. i’ve actually never touched another man’s penis nor do i plan on it. (If this post was just a joke then i’m sorry i chewed you out. Cuz if it was all in good humor then it’s quite funny lol 🙂 )

  2. HAHA.. Thanks MissMoon
    I love your blog. So glad to meet people that can take a step back and laugh at life. I some times get it right to laugh at myself and my life. I’ve found those few times to be a breath of fresh air. I take life way to seriously.
    * Life’s too important to be taken seriously*: Oscar Wilde

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