A few of this week’s OGT’s for #1 son.

Remember, he’s 4.

To the babysitter as she walks in the door and he jumps into her arms:

“Oh Katie!  I love your hair!  Oh, and I love your shoes!”

(he doesn’t say his “r’s” or “th’s” so it sounds like “I love yo hay-o. . .”)

While riding in the car with me last week:

“Mommy, I love this music!  What is it?”

Me: “It’s called opera”

“oh Opawa.  I like it.”

Tonight before dinner:

“Mommy, I need this table to be upstairs for me to eat my dinner on.  See?  This table where I am pointing my finger.  And this chair that matches it.  I need both of them.”

Me: “Okay, I will take it up for you.”

“And they will need a tablecloth too.”

Me: “How about a towel?  It will fit better.”

“NO!  It needs a tablecloth!”

(will you require the Limoges as well, or will the everyday ceramic suffice?)

6 thoughts on “OGT’s

  1. How about when your son wants the barbie happy meal instead of the transformer happy meal. I use to love the look on the cashiers face. I do miss those days a bit. 🙂

  2. No Fair, I wanted the gay son or Daughter! You’d think with two dads, at least one of our 3 engineered super kids would turn out a smidge gay, but nope, zilch, nada. I would melt if my twins understood matching! But life is funny and now I have to learn Football, Trucks, and Chest thumping.

    Your kid sounds adorable 🙂

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