If you haven’t read Husband’s latest post, he stole my idea about his OST’s. (Obvious Straight Traits)  Several MOHO’s  have listed their OGT’s (Obvious Gay Traits) and I started to think about listing Husband’s.  I was very quickly exhausted and decided to focus on the shorter list- the OST’s.

I thought of a few more this morning:

Handyman.  My man can handle a power tool like nobody’s business.  The nail gun is my fave.  He gets all intent and focused on cutting, sawing, sanding and nailing.  AND he is amazingly adept at it.

Yard work.  Nothing like mulch season!  He fills up his pickup with loads of mulch, off goes the shirt, and I’ve got myself an afternoon of sightseeing.

Oh, and the other one that he couldn’t think of, since he was admiring his freshly painted toenails, was laundry.  Most of the laundry he does better than June Cleaver, but once in a while, he will insist on washing two completely incongruent items at once.  Like, a white dress shirt with a load of sheets or towels.  My favorite is floor rugs and tee shirts. (!)  For someone who is so fastidious about his appearance, you’d think he would pay closer attention to how it comes clean!

I have honestly been racking my brain for OST’s for months now, and have come up with those five.  (three here, two on Husband’s blog.)  I think he might be gay.


A few weeks ago I was having a wardrobe meltdown, trying on various combinations, finally settling on some pants and a cardigan.  Things look a lot different in reality than they do in my mind.  (I somehow forget that I’ve got hips and a large chest.)  In a last-minute huff, I threw all of the stuff I had tried on into a bag to give away.  Later on, Husband asked what I was doing throwing away that nice grey sweater.  I stated that it made my waist look all lumpy and poofed out around my hips.

His response?

“All of your sweaters do that.”

I think that’s just a MAN thing.


5 thoughts on “OST’s

  1. I’m still laughing at the exhausting OGT list,to funny. And I never really know what to say to my wife about her clothes. I always seem to say the wrong thing. 🙂

    • Bror- you say, “honey, you’re gorgeous.” You find something that you really honestly like about her outfit and compliment that. What Husband should have said was, “oh, I’m sorry you don’t like that sweater.” And left it there. Normally he is really sensitive and kind about it- I just caught him on a bad day.

  2. to clarify – what I said was “THAT’S WHAT SWEATER DO” not “all YOUR sweaters do that”. geesh! (i love that little word – GEESH!)

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