Choosing the Better Part

Last night I posted a dedicated song to Husband, along with a picture.

While laying in bed, indulging in our latest guilty pleasure, (hulu) I had the impression that I should remove the post.  So I did.

I’m trying to choose the better part, and the song I posted was definitely NOT the better part.  It is difficult at times to go this route, because of the feeling I get of “losing” myself.  I don’t want to take my toe out of Babylon.


The glimmers of peace and light I have been feeling these past few weeks have at times felt *miraculous*.

And it’s all because of choosing the better.

Pisses me off.

(the song was Supernova by Liz Phair, and the pic was a little peeksie of Husband’s tattoo which, incidentally, is of my nickname.  So, if you want to go look up the song, you can, but at least I won’t be completely responsible for polluting your mind.)

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