and then. . .

I have much.

I have a God that loves me and never stops urging me on.

I have a Savior who will never cease to be ready to offer comfort and encouragement.

I have a big smile.

I have a husband who always wraps me in his arms when he comes in the door.  Even when he is sweaty.

I have a beautiful home, and money to heat it.

I have healthy and gorgeously vibrant children.

I have dear friends.  Some I’ve met and some I haven’t.  But each has a very special and tender place in my heart.  (yes, you.)

I have a good mind.  It may not be the mind I would like to have, but it works and I can come up with witty retorts, given enough time.

I have a box full of homemade truffles sitting on my kitchen counter which were carefully and beautifully presented just for me. (and the family, but I choose for them to be mine.)

I have.

And the rain keeps the earth vibrant so when I look out my window across the green, I see life all around me.  (My bathroom feels like a treehouse.  I’ll miss that when we move.)

(I always seem to magically “find” time to blog when I’m supposed to be scrubbing toilets.  Funny how that happens.)

6 thoughts on “and then. . .

  1. Couldn’t help but make a comment on this one:

    You have a beautiful home and a beautiful family. Thank you so very much for allowing me in your home this evening to FINALLY meet you and the kiddos!

    Thank you for a wonderful dinner. (By the way, I want you to know that tonight was the first night that I ever tried broccoli. No joke. I actually loved it!) And the dessert…I will have dreams of peppermint ice cream and hot fudge. That can be lethal.

    Also, just getting to sit with you all and really get to know you was a treat. I was so happy to finally be able to talk to you in person. It was the highlight of my week. I am now convinced of your awesomeness…even if you don’t believe me when I tell you that.

    Your kids are just a barrel of fun and energy. I will readily tell you that you guys are raising three wonderful children. They are a testament to their wonderful parents. Keep up the love and the great job you do with them.

    Now more than ever I truly hope I will get this new job so I can move to your town and have these terrific friends that I got to more about today. (In case you missed it, I am talking about you guys!)

    You are truly blessed. I feel even more blessed today because I finally got to meet you can call you my friend.

    Lots of love to you all!
    – Joey

    • you. have never. tried. broccoli.
      I don’t even know what to say to that.
      Your Daddy taught you right- you tried everything that was served to you! Good boy!
      It was wonderful to have you over- thank you for being so tolerant of our exuberant kids. Next time I’ll make brussels sprouts.

      • Nope…never tried broccoli. Just a bit of FYI, I did buy some at the grocery store today. Hmmmm, am I being converted into a vegetarian?

        It definitely was not daddy who raised me to try everything (he is way too picky of an eater). You can thank Grandma for that. The food was really good.

        Thanks for everything. Talk to you soon.

    • Good point. Well, it wouldn’t have lasted anyway. We had some chicken for dinner. I won’t mention the roast sitting in the freezer either.

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