Christmas cards and whatnot

First of all; I’m starting the annual Christmas card addressing bonanza.  There are many of you who I would love to add to the list so if you feel so inclined, send me an email with your address to: Thanks!

Second; why is everyone gay?  EVERYONE I tell you!  Everywhere I turn there’s another fantastic guy whose head is NOT being turned by a fantastic girl.  WTF?  Maybe I’m just too steeped in this gay business and that’s all I can see.  Maybe I need to take a few (hundred) steps back (running fast- far, far away) from gayness and look at the big picture.  Oh, but wait, I’m married to the faggotiest of faggots.  Oh well.  New plan.  (darling Husband, you know I mean that in the most loving way, of course.  kisses!)

Third; I’ve asked this before, and nobody gave me an adequate answer, so I’m asking again: WHY do (some of) you MOHOs insist on putting nasty (semi) pornographic content on your blogs?  Yes, I’m ultra conservative, and ULTRA sensitive.  However, putting a mostly naked guy in a wet t-shirt on a blog with LDS in the title is just a wee bit questionable.  My opinon.

(that step back is looking more like a requirement than a mere idea)

Fourth; I have a wonderful husband who is practically perfect.  Sometimes I forget that he isn’t perfect and get my panties all wadded up (not the cute polka dot ones that he wears, mind you) when he behaves like a normal human being.  Should I ask him to take down the perfection a few notches so I don’t suffer from massive shock every time he falls asleep while I am unloading my deepest woes on him?  Or should I just learn to stop unloading on him when he is sleepy?  How about a compromise; he steps up his level of perfection.  We all win!

Fifth; I have got NOTHING to wear to this funeral.  I’ve already worn Grammas pink pashmina and pearls to a family function, so now all I’ve got left is the golden elephant necklace and a few pair of dangly swarovski earrings.  I really shouldn’t go buy anything new, but it would do her the greatest honor to rack up a Nordstrom card on something that I would wear only once (along with matching handbag and shoes, of course.)  St. John is looking mighty interesting right now. . .

Sixth; Time Machine on Mac is just about the CooLEST THinG EVER!!

I think I might be bi-polar.

*This is me on Grammas lap on Christmas Eve 1976.  I was playing part of Mary- notice how forlorn and tired I look- quite the actress, if I say so.  Gramma wore that caftan every Christmas eve for as long as I could remember, and she had an especially fluffy wig prepared just for the occasion.


One thought on “Christmas cards and whatnot

  1. I am totally with you for your third point! And perhaps I’m a little sensitive right now too, but I just don’t want hubby to see anything that will tempt him in even the tiniest bit.

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