blank stare

Attempting to conjure up something great to write about, but I’ve got nothing.  It just isn’t coming to me.  I had a good week- Mom was great- but I have just felt. . . bereft.  (yes, I just had to google “bereft” to make sure it actually means what I thought it meant.)  Lacking.  But I’m not lacking.  I have an abundance of everything good and worthwhile.  Maybe I’m bereft of creativity.  That sounds about right.

We are playing a whole new ball game these days.  I’m still learning the rules.  Trying to play the new game by the old rules, and not having a whole lot of luck with it.  Expectations are changing, old behaviors are slowly falling away, all to make way for a shinier, prettier me.  I hope that’s what is on the horizon, anyway. . .

Just downloaded pics from the feast.

Yes, those are magnolia leaves- spray painted around the initials of each attendee.

I had nothing to do with the setting of this table.  (well, except an idea or two and I purchased the spray paint, squash and candles.)  Husband took off under the cloak of night to steal some leaves from a neighbor’s tree.  Some day I’ll spring for some real stemware- maybe when the kids are less likely to throw it across the table.

I used to feel like I had to compete with Husband’s fabulousness.  That as incredibly gay as he is, I am still the more feminine character in our play.  Now I understand that his gayness does in no way undermine my femininity.  He can be more fabulous than me.  Well, sometimes.  I’ve got to have my place in the spotlight once in a while.

On another note:

My favorite moment today- (You know who you are. . .)

I was catching up on facebook, and a “family friend” had posted about going to the movie with his wife.  She chose New Moon.  In the comments section one of his friends said, “Im sorry dude. You took one for the team, thats admirable!”

I’m assuming that this friend doesn’t know that his buddy is a “friend.”

Great sacrifice, indeed.  HA!

Going to go stretch at yoga and hopefully gain the momentum to clean my house and put up  garland around the front door.

ummm- wait a minute- Husband is doing the garland.  Should I be offended?  Does that mean he was dissatisfied with my work last year?  Oh well, I’ve got toilets to scrub.


8 thoughts on “blank stare

  1. Glad to hear that your week went so well.

    The table looked beautiful.

    You do look like your mother. Two beautiful and classy ladies.

    And, hey, what’s wrong with New Moon? I will sadly admit that I went to see it after our family’s Thanksgiving dinner. (I have to be able to keep up with my students and their conversations.)

    Enjoy yoga. I am off to find blue Christmas tree lights on white cable. I had 700 blue lights for one of my trees and 300 of them are dead…dead…dead!

    Have a great weekend.
    – Joey

  2. That’s funny, classy is exactly the word I was thinking as I was reading this post and looking at the pictures of your Thanksgiving dinner table. If anyone is classy, it’s you.

  3. My hubby is gay, and he still didn’t want to go see New Moon with me. He promised a friend of ours about a year ago to read the first five chapters of the first book. He agreed. She imagined that after the first five chapters he’d be hooked. Not the case. He said he felt like he was listening in to the thoughts of a 13 year old girl.

    I’ve never thought Edward was good looking in the movies, but Jacob…um, yeah…I think deep down Chris agrees, but then likes to remind me that he’s only 17.

    • Tell Chris that he cannot just read the first five chapters of Twilight…it is so slow and dull in the beginning of the book. It does pick up and get much better.

      Although I will also agree with Chris, parts of the book make me imagine the thoughts of my students. Long…drawn out…riddled with drama and self-doubt…all the wonderful inner workings of your standard teenager.

  4. The picture of you and your mom made me smile! Its funny what we can see in a picture that we can’t see in real life. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving.

    I had to laugh at the New Moon debate. Soon to be ex-husband and I got into a huge fight on Thanksgiving about that movie. He cut out after dinner to go see the movie with a bunch of his friends. It left me feeling really hurt, because during our marriage he never would have gone to see a movie like that with me. It left me feeling hurt and insignificant that he is willing to do things with his friends that he was never willing to do with me.

    I think he probably would not have gone to see a movie like that with me because it would be considered “gay” to be going to a chick flick, and he would be embarassed that people in the theater would think he was gay, even though he was there with his wife. Or maybe embarassed knowing he would like a movie like that….

  5. That is exactly why I could not go on to book #2…I do not care about the thoughts of a teenage girl. I might if I was still in high school. But I have enjoyed the movies. 😉

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