So, Alex got me thinking:

Many of you bloggers have fake names.  I kind of do, but not really.  I just am who I am on this blog.  Generally, I don’t use names; Missmoon is officially what this blog is written under, and Husband refers to me on his blog as MH (Madame Hawtness.  Which, some days is very appropriate.  Others, not so much.)  I’m not one of those clever types who can come up with witty or intelligent names that succinctly wrap up my personality or purpose in one or two words.  Probably because I have multiple personalities and multiple purposes.

Missmoon came from my childhood.  Someone, I think it was my uncle Dave, started calling me Moon Mouse.  Shortened to Mouse or Mooner, and then Gramma (the original Queen Mum) called me Miss Moon.  I think she is the only one who called me that.  But she still does and I love it.  Mom always called me Precious (in a gaggingly sweet voice that to this day makes Husband’s skin crawl,) and a friend in high school dubbed me Princess Mandilyn.   It endeared me to him forever- a very great name, I think.  It became part of my first email address- which I still have.

Each of these names is a nod to one aspect of my personality- largely to the vain, spoiled side, which happens to be very dominant.  I sometimes sign my email to Husband ciw (crazy insane wife) which sums me up on most days lately.  I’m not all that nickname-able.

Anyway, I want to know how you all came up with your names- if it doesn’t reveal too much about your true identity.

I hope I’m not asking for the impossible.  I really really want to know.


Thank you.


4 thoughts on “Alter-Ego

  1. I am sorry to say that mine is even less wittier than most. It is simply my first and last initial. What can I say? Simplicity rocks sometimes!

    I have had a variety of nicknames along the way:

    Sarge – a nod to my band geek days as on officer.

    Father Joey – an 8th grade nickname when my friends and I were fascinated by Catholicism. (Is that odd?)

    Crab Daddy – so named by some of the students I have worked with in recent years.

    GI Joe – named by my babysitter when I was a kid. I loved the cartoon, GI Joe.

    King Crab – the newest addition, and probably my favorite one. One particular student dubbed me as such, and the rest of my students followed suit. It’s good to be king.

    There are others, but some are so embarrassing that I dare not let them fly (example: Gem-Doll-J…don’t ask!)

    I have been known to give nicknames to my students over the past few years. I feel that it really helps me to make a connection with some of the kids. Makes the feel unique when they can get lost in the crowd. It makes them smile. Here are some of them.

    Paco – it was the name used in a sample problem we used. This student asked to be called Paco, and it stuck. I still refer to him as Paco three years later.

    Webster – this student laughed just like Emmanual Lewis on the TV show “Webster”

    Ed – This student likes to make horse noises at times. (I started calling him Mr. Ed, but it has since gotten shortened to Ed.)

    Trouble – well, I use this one for several of my students. What can I say?

    Short Stack – My smallest student in the class. He has the craziest sense of humor and quick wit. My students have also been told that only I get to call this student Short Stack. Why? Because I am the mean one.

    Hawaii – I have a student (God bless her, she is truly the stereotypical blonde.) who seriosly thought Hawaii was a country and not a state. I couldn’t help but call her Hawaii. She loves it!

    Mookie – I don’t know where this on came from. This particular student came to my team with that nick name.

    Wolfie – Modification of a last name.

    Dean – My teaching parter came up with this one. I don’t know where she got it.

    Duckie – Had a student obsessed with Rubber Ducks

    Oprah – Had a student obsessed with Oprah and Ellen Degeneres.

    Quiz Master – For my student who is just full of questions all the time…the most random questions every five seconds.

    The Scion – More of an award and honorary title. I use it for those students who achieve a perfect score on the SCIence test.

    As a side note on nicknames, some of the best nicknames I have ever heard were the ones my grandmother assigned to all of my grandfather’s girlfriends. This was after their divorce, or course. Some, too scandalous to mention.

    In closing…All hail Princess Mandilyn! (I like it!)

    PS…Sorry for going on and on and on. Got on a roll.

  2. Not a huge secret – the pseudonym Abelard was bestowed upon me by Samantha, then known as the Queen of the Queerosphere. It came about as a comment to this post where I had referred to my wife as “wifie”. Samantha declared that I should refer to my wife as “Heloise” and myself as “Abelard”; although, the name “Heloise” for my wife never stuck. Prior to that, I went by the uninspired “JC”

    Abelard was a 16th century french philosopher who was castrated by thugs hired by the father of his mistress. Somehow being in love yet castrated seems appropriate to my situation – so the Abelard persona stuck.

  3. Alexandre Dumas fils (junior, in French) was the son of author Alexandre Dumas (Three Musketeers, Count of Monte Cristo, etc.). He wrote one novel, La Dame Aux Camelias, or The Lady of the Camillias, which was semi-autobiographical. In it he fell in love with a courtesan of whom his family could never approve, but he loved her until she finally died of tuberculosis. I related to the story, and being a writer myself, decided to take his name, since Alex could either be male or female.

    Rachel was almost my name, until my mother decided in favor of the alternate.

  4. Hmm, don’t know, but it happened in my childhood. My dad and family called me this, and it doesn’t have meaning, just happened. Maybe an alteration of cathy, katie, kink? Just seemed to be anonymous enough for this. When in the hell is my family ever going to look up something like this anyway? Never I’m sure. Yeah, I’m still married for now, and they all know about my um, husband. So what. They will be pissed when he really really leaves though. For now he is still the same old fonz. Yeah, that’s what I’ll call him, one of his nick’s. Thanks, I settled that finally. DH doesn’t sound right now, he is not so dear to me anymore.

    My friend also calls me “psycho” Cathy….depression and suicide attempts have haunted me for many years, but that’s a different story.

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