My gaydar isn’t quite as fine-tuned as a real homo, and sometimes it is overactive.

I was picking up #1 son’s BFF the other day, and at his house was  a girl who used to be in our ward.  She was recently married, and was with her husband.  When she introduced me to him, the lights began flashing, and the bells were ringing.


He was precious, darling, wonderful.  I wanted to wrap them both up in my arms of wizened experience and just hold them for a minute.

I wonder if he knows about himself.  I wonder if she knows about him.  I want to call her and go to lunch and just be there for her.

But I don’t know her very well at all, and there really is no polite way to ask someone of their new husband might be gay.

15 thoughts on “Family

  1. and there really is no polite way to ask someone of their new husband might be gay.

    I teach seminary in my ward – and I have strong suspicions about one of my students. Not at all interested in sports, doesn’t really fit in very well with the other young men, involved in theater in his school and was nominated for a state recognition award with his role in a recent school play. He is also the youngest in his family with several older brothers (studies have shown that older brothers increase the chances of a boy being gay).

    Anyway, like you, I wonder if he has even realized it himself yet; and, I just want to hug him and be there for him. But, there just isn’t a polite way to ask someone if they think they might be gay.

  2. btw, not all of us homo’s have good gaydar – mine is generally busted, my wife has better gaydar than I do 🙂

    So, when mine goes off, it must really mean something …

  3. Wait, there’s ANOTHER Jon??? This is going to get confusing. Yeah, that’s always a sticky conversation, “Hey, is your husband gay?” BTW, I had choir practice in Tualatin last night and took the Jiggles exit and thought of you.

    • Jon & Jon- it took me a minute to realize that there was another Jon, too. I was thinking, “wait, you’re MARRIED???” aaah. now I get it. There’s Wistful Jon, and then there’s Jon Jon.

  4. There’s another Jon??? [sigh] I guess I’ll have to go back to being Abelard. (I was being brave and starting to stick my toe out of my closet by commenting under my real first name)

  5. I’ve been thinking about changing to JonJon because I figured it was only a matter of time before I crossed paths with other Jons. If I DO get married, I’ll be sure to let you know, missmoon. The bachelor party will probably be at Jiggles.

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