I gotta feeling

Okay, I caught it.  I watched the Oprah thingy and got all goose-bumpy and downloaded the song off Itunes.  I’m a sheep. What can I say?  I’m not a particularly good dancer, but my heart pines for an open floor and a beat.  I would have killed to be one of the 21,000 doing the simple choreography on the streets of Chicago.  I love Chicago.  Double bonus!

It’s kind of pathetic- me being a 35 year-old mom in the middle of nowhere with mediocre talent, wishing for an opportunity to move. I embarrass myself at weddings.  I embarrass my kids at fairs and festivals.  I embarrass Husband.  I just like to move, dang it!  He keeps trying to get me to take a class at a studio.  Familial obligations keep me from it, but I’m also too lazy to get dressed for it.  It also would involve buying some new clothes to wear.  (can’t show up looking anything less than “the part” can I?)

So, I just put old clubbing songs on my pod and run like I mean it.  It helps.  It really does.  Something about feeling my limbs and my core and the wind rushing by- but man, to really move. . .


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