Off to the races!!

Husband and I are running the half marathon tomorrow. The first of two for the month of Oct.

FREAKING OUT a little bit.

The coolest part about this whole thing is that I actually set the goal to train for this and I did it. I’m miserable at setting goals. I’m miserable at sticking to schedules. But I’m fantastic at running. I can say that. I’m fantastic because while it is AMAZINGLY hard work, I love it. I crave it. I DO it. There isn’t much in my life that I can say that about, and it astounds me that I have something that I’m THAT passionate about.  Something besides eating, spending money, and Husband, that is.

SO- here’s to Husband and I, and the amazing fact that there is an US.  (MNJ: THANK YOU.  Someday you may get a glimpse of an idea as to how much I love, adore, admire, and appreciate you.)

Here’s to me still being alive on October 3 so I can run this 13.1 miles that I have been training for since May.

Here’s to the awesome sisters who miraculously appeared in our lives just in time to get to know my kids so they can spend the night with them tonight- WITHOUT ME WORRYING ABOUT IT.

Here’s to rain, and me being able to still smile while it’s coming down.

Here’s to the Men Upstairs for making it all possible.

AND- here’s to YOU -my e-bff’s!


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