The Gift That Just Keeps Giving

Our conversation last night before prayer:
Husband: “please don’t leave me.”
Me: “Never. Just stop touching other men.”
Husband: “oh man! You make things so difficult!”
Me: “Okay, here’s a deal. I’ll stop touching other men if you do.”
Husband: “What? Who have you been touching?”
Me: “Well, you know, Warren. . .”
Husband: “Who?”
Me: “Warren. The Guy at Banana the other night.”
Husband (relieved): “Oh, honey. He was SO not into you.”

(just in case you didn’t catch it, this conversation was drenched in sarcasm. I haven’t been touching anybody. Husband hasn’t either. Mostly.)

One thought on “The Gift That Just Keeps Giving

  1. Have I mentioned that you make me laugh! The two of you are so good for my mental health! It isn’t always rosy, but with the relationship the two of you have, you WILL make it, no doubt.

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