So when I was thick in the middle of kicking Husband out a couple of weeks ago, I was calling on a couple of my close friends who I thought would hear me and give me the strength and advice I could and would trust. One friend asked me about my Patriarchal blessing.
Let’s get this straight. I kind of feel like Patriarchal blessings are the mormon version of fortune tellers: they are kind of vague so that they can be applicable to you no matter what you do with your life. And if it is specific and its promises don’t come to fruition, well, that will just be taken care of in the next life!
(I don’t doubt Priesthood power. I just don’t think it’s infallible. Sue me.)
I’ve always been a little jealous of Husband’s blessing. It makes some pretty great promises to him. But of course, as in all of God’s ways, it requires a lot for those promises to be realized.
Anyway, I was telling my friend about one line in my blessing that was troubling me. It basically says that when choosing a mate, I should find someone who has the same goals and desires that I have. In my state of mind- I had decided that I had gone against that advice and chosen someone who did not desire what I desire: hetero sex.
Never mind the desire for family, for a strong bond and loving marital relationship, for all things Italian and delicious, no- I decided that I chose poorly because my dearest and I don’t desire the same things sexually.
Well- actually we do.
We both desire sex with a man.

I am so getting everything promised to me!

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