oh the pain!

The agony, the bewilderment that is my life these days!  I go from one end of the pendulum swing to the other in seconds, only to be jerked back again. 

It was a rough day- I am having a hard time forgiving Husband for the things he has already apologized and repented of many times over.  Me?  Hold on to pain?  Never!

Well, sometimes. . . ALWAYS!

I love you, you love me, we’re working toward the same goal, let’s just move past the past and get on with our lives!  Jeez!

Husband came into Peach’s room tonight and read her the story of her birth.  We were all weepy and mushy- each for their own particular reason.  He is such a good Dad.  Those kids adore him to pieces.  Every night, without fail, he comes home to fanfare, kisses and shrieks of joy.  Every night.  Makes me want to go get a job.  Almost.

So what do we do with the big issues?  I said to Husband today: “well, we’ve got two of the big three.  Sex and Religion.  Throw a big money fight in there and we’ll polish this relationship right off!”

A dear friend sent Husband an email response after reading both of our blogs.  I appreciate his care and concern very very much.  I knew before I read it what it would say.  Same thing everyone else has told us.  “It’s up to you, but you’re crazy if you stick this thing out.” 

I never claimed to be sane.


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