I would assume that if you read this blog, you read Husband’s blog as well.  But if by some small tiny chance you don’t, I had to copy his latest post.  I need to copy it to the inside of my eyelids so when I close my eyes, THAT is what I see.  (instead of the other things that keep me up at night.)  My husband is the most precious thing in my life.

Here ya go:

“So after reading over a few of the past blogs I need to back up a bit & tell you about the amazing woman that married me. As I have mentioned, I let her in on my dirty little secret before we were engaged. She is pretty much my everything. She is my best friend. She used to laugh & say “being married to him is like having a best girlfriend with benefits. Someone to shop with, paint your toes with, cry over sad commercials together (usually I was the one crying, not her) but still get lucky at the end of the night.”

While that dream has been tarnished we still, & I don’t get this part but am deeply grateful that we do, have this incredible relationship. Our relationship on a bad day is a lot of peoples AWESOME (not to be braggadocios). We have this “I get you” companionship that has never had to be forced. She hates what I’ve done to her. I DO NOT blame her. But still, she’s here with me.

To quote two cards she has given me in the past few months;

“FOOL! don’t you see now that i could have poisoned you a hundred times had i been able to live without you!” celopatra vii

“life is slippery. here, take my hand.” h.jackson brown jr.

That sums up us. She has a way of supporting my angst and loving me in spite.

For all this and more my love, I’m yours! Duke”

I’ll hold you to that, you know. . .

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