Shameful Apologist

I’ll admit it: I’m an apologist.  A mealy-mouthed, passive-agressive religious conservative who can’t stand on her own opinions for five seconds if challenged.

True story.

I can come across as self assured, bitchy, even intimidating if the lighting is right.  But in all reality I can out-weak the best of them.  I wore my Mom’s for Palin shirt with pride, until I really listened to the woman talk.  I side with the “right” but do I really?

“I understand the theory that a person should be able to love and act upon that love for another person of their same gender.  I do not accept that theory.”

After I wrote that yesterday, I deleted it.  Then I typed it again, then re-worded it then deleted it and then typed it again.  Is this truly what I believe?

Husband read it and asked me if I was saying what he thought I was saying.  “Yes” I said in the most confident voice I could muster.

Then I crumpled.


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