Utter lack of comments

Okay all you lurkers, I’m on to you.  I don’t care who you are- I want to know what you’re doing here, how you got here, what you think of my insanity.  I’m glad I’m getting traffic, but I want to know who is traipsing through my brain.

Is that fair?



4 thoughts on “Utter lack of comments

  1. Hi, ok, so I’m here now. I don’t know you, but am starting to get the idea. I have been living your life for a long time, but it sure is a relief to see that someone is making the reality of so many of us known. I have much more to read. Heck, maybe I’ll start a blog of my own. Let me just say, that this all happened to me not once in our marriage, but twice. Back in 1992? The first time. Just a lapse in judgement, abuse issues. Ok, so that’s that. Then after we got our baby. He was 2ish, when he found a card in daddy’s suit pocket….So far, my advice to you would be….well, maybe you will do better than us. We are now finally separated but he still is here most of the time. He is looking for the life that he should have lived. I personally would have never married him knowing what I do now. It is impossibly difficult. Son is 12, and dealing with this has not been easy. Caught his dad looking a gay porn this morning, and a bit creeped out. I keep on having to explain these things to him, and I shouldn’t have to. It makes me angry. Well, that is my comment for now. Thanks for sharing what is hell, there are so many of us out there.

  2. I’m a year and a half late in my response, but I only just found your blog. I decided to start from the beginning after reading the most recent post or two. so far, I love how in love you are with your husband. 🙂

    • Hey Natalie- Glad I can be a part of your “anthropological” study of Mormons. Sorry the Church didn’t quite work out for you- but I completely understand why. It’s a monster sized pill to swallow, and it doesn’t want to stay down. 🙂
      I cringe when I read those old posts- and they aren’t that old- because I’ve learned a lot in these two years. But I’m glad they’re there. And I’m glad you’re finding them worth reading.

      • I’m surprised and flattered that you’ve read anything I’ve written. Your summing-up of my blog-reading habits made me LOL, but then I got worried that maybe you think I’m an asshole. I’m really hopeful that I don’t come across as some judgmental jerk who reads Mormon blogs so I can point and laugh or anything negative or dirty along those lines.

        I haven’t gotten beyond this point yet – I went to bed last night after leaving this comment. I was coming back to find where I’d left off – I hope my comment didn’t bring back any hurt; that certainly wasn’t the intention.

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